• Toby Steggal

Tracking calories vs intuitive eating

Let's start by explaining the difference between the two.

A calorie is a unit of energy. So when we are eating we are taking in energy. We expend energy 24/7, the amount we expend generally is determined on how active we are. From exercise to breathing, it all uses calories we have consumed.

When we track our calorie intake we know exactly what we are taking in, so can adjust either consumption or output to reach our goals, be it to lose or gain weight.

Now we come to intuitive eating. Essentially this is eating when we are hungry, listening to our body when it tells us we’ve had enough food or that we need to eat more. This is a much more relaxed approach ti nutrition but the problem is that our bodies can trick us! Listening to our body’s and how we feel isn’t the best way to decide how much we should eat. Going from experience if I want to lose weight I will have to be in a calorie deficit. If I’m eating intuitively, I know for a fact, me being me, I will be eating too much which puts me in a surplus causing me to gain weight.

Think about it - all the obese people in the world have been doing intuitive eating for years and look how that’s turned out!

This isn’t a post bashing people who love intuitive eating. If it works for you then great. But for the majority of people this isn’t a great method to reach your goals. Tracking your calories will always come out on top, be more accurate and will be the best way to reach your goals.

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