• Toby Steggal

Move more, eat less.

In the fitness industry there’s so many product you can buy that claim to help you lose weight. Slim tea, skinny coffee, fat burners, famous meal replacement shakes that rhyme with flim-last to name but a few. There’s an endless list of companies & individuals claiming these are all the latest secret to lose weight.

But think logically about all this, do you really think you’ve put on weight all this time as you’re drinking the wrong coffee and not skinny coffee? Come on!

Think about when we see a kid that’s overweight, what do we think? “Oh that kid needs fat burners, they should be having slimming shakes instead of eating real food”

No we don’t. We think, that kid needs to do more exercise and to eat less.

So why then when we’re adults do we think we need fat burners and skinny tea? Nothing has changed from when we were a kids. Eat less and move more. This is weight loss stripped bare. This is real!

If you're tired of all this fad diet rubbish too and want to see some real results, contact me today!

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