• Toby Steggal

How do hormones effect fat loss?

The common hormone that gets blamed for peoples inability to lose weight is the thyroid. But does it really make that big of a difference?

If we consume more calories (energy) on a regular basis than the calories we expend we will gain weight. That is weight gain put simply. Hormone issues have an effect on this, but they do not change the science altogether.

So if the thyroid, or other hormone for that matter, is not functioning correctly will this stop us losing weight, even if we're in a calorie deficit? The short answer is No!

If our thyroid - or other hormones - are not functioning properly then calories in vs calories out still cannot be argued. It’s scientifically proven we cannot blame our hormones for weight gain, hormones can not create calories out of nowhere. If we are gaining weight we are still consuming more calories than we are burning.

If our hormones are not working as they should be then this will effect how efficient our bodies are at burning calories and we would need to be eating much less than if our hormones were working properly. Less food and/or higher activity would still be needed to create a calorie deficit and lose weight but the real truth is that hormone issues are all too often just a convenient excuse for people unprepared to do the hard work of controlling their diet.

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