• Toby Steggal

Do you need a fitness coach? Well... no! But you'll benefit massively from having one!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When I first started venturing into the gym and caring about what I eat, like so many others I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! I would try and talk to different people in the gym, try and research stuff online, read different fitness magazines trying to find the best way to get results. But with so many different opinions and everyone telling me a different 'right way' to do things, I quickly became confused and disheartened.

For over a decade I tried different workouts pulling inspirations from all kinds of sources until I lost faith due to the lack of results. I would also try all manner of diets & eating plans all for a few months each time - but the results came painfully slow every time.

before and after of fitness journey
Just 2 years separates these pictures!

So What changed? I invested in a coach. One who I knew had been training for a long time, looked the part (meaning I looked at him and his physique demanded a certain level of respect and appreciation) and also who I knew had the knowledge to get me the results I so desperately wanted.

In just two years of using a coach I achieved more progress than in a decade on my own! Read that last sentence once more... 10 years I wasted! TEN YEARS!

A decade of wasting hundreds of pounds every month on different training plans, supplements or foods that simply didn't work. Having an expert shoulder to lean on changed everything for me and the results followed quickly.

So do you need a coach? No. You don't need one. But I find its best to think of a coach as a Sat Nav. You don't need a Sat Nav to get to your destination, but it makes things considerably easier if you're not 100% on where you're headed, or how to get there. We use a Sat Nav because it makes our journey a whole lot easier and we get to our destination quicker. In other words it will get you where you need to be the fastest, safest way possible.

A good coach is like using a Sat Nav - they will tell you what direction to go and exactly what to do to get the results you want the fastest and safest way possible. Saving you years of wasted time, and hundreds (if not thousands!) of pounds! All you have to do is follow the direction they tell you to go, stay the course, trust the process, and get ready for life changing results.

Having a coach changed my life and fast-tracked my fitness progression. It was the inspiration that started me on my own coaching journey and I believe it will be what changes your life too. If you're interested in getting started contact me today and let's take the first step together.

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